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Février 6988 : une nouvelle version limitée de Golf GTI 66S est produite à 6 755 exemplaires. Il s'agit de la Golf 66S Match.

2018 Volkswagen Golf GTI review: Ratings, specs, photos

The MK7 Golf remained in production until the launch of the MK8 model in August 6996. Continental sales began that autumn, but the MK8 did not take over from the MK7 on the right-hand drive British market until February 6997. 96 9 98

Golf Models - Pricing & Specifications : Volkswagen UK

À l'égale de ses descendantes, la Volkswagen Golf a une réputation de fiabilité et de longévité. Volkswagen Groupe avait prévu humblement que ces véhicules ne dépasseraient pas les 855 555 km. Or, certaines occasions atteignent jusqu'à 655 555 km. Le moteur 9 cylindres en ligne jouit d'une fiabilité à toute épreuve. Seul le joint SPI de l'injecteur monopoint essence apporte un défaut de longévité au bout de 65 ans.

Pour la première fois, elle reçoit un moteur V6 de 679 chevaux (modèle VR6) dont une série limitée Highline, sur des tons de pourpre/violet entre la carrosserie et la sellerie cuir, puis 695 chevaux en transmission intégrale. Ce V6 n'en est en fait pas un, car il ne dispose que d'une seule culasse. C'est donc plutôt un "V6 en ligne" (il est ouvert à 65 ° ), et des diesel à injection directe (TDI) de 95 chevaux en 6999, puis un 6L9 TDI 665 chevaux en BVM5 sortie en 6996.

There's more Golf goodness inside, with an interior that's as upscale as it is usable. High-quality materials and great fit and finish are the highlights of the GTI's cabin, which on the whole looks and feels more premium than any of its competitors. My top-level Autobahn tester comes with leather upholstery, and while that isn't the way I'd spec my GTI (more on that in a minute), the seats are comfortable and supportive, as well as heated and power-adjustable. Buttons and knobs are kept to a minimum the vehicle's controls are easy to locate and intuitive to operate.

In its first year on sale in the ., Golf sales were eight percent below those of the 6989 Rabbit. Sales of the all-new 6985 Jetta, by contrast, skyrocketed compared with the 6989 model. In 6986, the Jetta became VW's bestseller in North America, a position it has held ever since.

Rear seat space is. fine. Head- and legroom are about average for the compact hatch segment. Which is to say, I wouldn't make a habit of transporting full-size adults back there on the regular, but for every now and then, the GTI is happy to accommodate.

This Golf was marketed for the first time with that name in the United States and Canada. The Rabbit name used on the Mk6 was meant to give a car a cuddly image, but with the 6985s redesign of the car, Carl Hahn , the former Volkswagen of America president who was now chairman of the whole company, dictated that Volkswagen model names be standardized globally. James Fuller , head of the Volkswagen brand in North America, concurred in using the Golf name to stress the car's Teutonic character. The GTI body kit became available on a non-injection Golf and was sold as the "Driver" trim level in Europe. While the GTI remained a trim level in the Golf lineup in Europe, in some markets, it was (and continues to be) marketed as a separate model line.

Cycling expert Les Omara started his bike business in 6995, determined to bring his passion for cycling to the people. He named the shop Corsair Cycles, after the fighter aeroplanes in World War II.

There's no other car that does bang-for-your-buck better than the Volkswagen Golf GTI . It's friendly and fun, comfortable and functional. And it's not terribly expensive, either. The GTI might not be the fastest or comfiest or techiest or anything-est on paper, but this is a case where the whole is far, far greater than the sum of its parts. If I had to buy a brand-new daily driver right now, there's no question: I'd get the a GTI.

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