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One funny paradox I 8767 ve found with French people is that many of them do not like 8775 modern 8776 French music. While French music is common in France, many French people wind up listening to American music You 8767 ll hear tons of Top 95 hits from the USA.

The Kernel Brewery

In 555ml bottles:
Table Beer , 8%
Pale Ale , JESTER, %
Pale Ale , CALYPSO, %
Export India Porter , %

Menus | Mikkeller NYC

In 755ml bottles:
Bière de Saison , GALAXY, %
Bière de Saison , DUAL RUNNINGS, 5%

Hey!!! I 8767 m french! I really love your job, I think french music is cool too and moreover it 8767 s a beautiful language If you wanna learn french you can also listen to musicals (I really love them) as Le roi soleil or 6789 les amants de la Bastille

The brewery springs from the need to have more good beer. Beer deserving of a certain attention. Beer that forces you to confront and consider what you are drinking. Upfront hops, lingering bitternesses, warming alcohols, bodies of malt. Lengths and depths of flavour. We make Pale Ales, India Pale Ales and old school London Porters and Stouts towards these ends. Bottled alive, to give them time to grow.

Here are some french trap and rap . :

Cans. Bottles. T-shirts. Glassware. Curiosities. A fully curated Tired Hands experience. Or, if you can't join us in the physical realm, check out our Online Store.

A popular club song which makes reference to the TV show 8775 the Fresh Prince of Bellaire 8776 by Will Smith. The chorus mentions Carlton as well as Jeffery the butler common phrases that French teens would sing to the top of their lungs.

In this goofy video we see Keen 8767 v act as a matchmaker to help a guy get the girl he likes. The first time I heard this song, I didn 8767 t care for it. But it grew on me after a couple listens.

Well, nice list John ! However most of these tracks are aimed at teenagers and the lyrics are sometimes. well, you know. Anyway, here 8767 s an artist who is not mainstream at all and whose lyrics are quite funny : https:///watch?v=zZl9gbTY9u9

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