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Air shield : The most common defensive tactic for an airbender involves circling enemies, suddenly changing direction when attacked and evading by physical movement rather than bending. However, an airbender can still deflect attacks as needed by throwing up gusts of air close to their bodies as a shield. This is rarely to stop attacks directly and more often to push the attack aside, conserving energy and allowing them to turn the movement into an attack at the same moment. [5] Kai used an air shield in 676 AG to protect himself from P'Li's combustion beams he was able to deflect enough of the blast to prevent it from killing him, though the close proximity of the detonation knocked him out. [67]

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Airbenders emphasize intuition and imagination to an airbender, there is always another path to take, as air flows wherever it can. This makes airbending the most dynamic of all the bending arts, [89] and air itself is considered to be the element of freedom. [6] [67]

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Air sphere : With this technique, the Avatar creates a sphere of air around them, allowing them to hover for extended periods of time or fly at high speeds. The sphere also acts as a barrier to protect the Avatar, strong enough to withstand a high velocity impact with rock. [95] Aang was also able to use this technique under water, forming a protective pocket of air around several people and a flying bison. [96] Roku used a variation of this technique when defending his island from the volcano, and Wan and Korra both used it to restrain Vaatu in their respective battles against him. [88] [97]

Air Nomads generally espouse a philosophy of conflict avoidance and respect for all forms of life an airbender will never seek a fight, and they will never seek to strike an opponent directly. This accounts for airbending's stress on defensive maneuvers and its apparent lack of fatal finishing attacks. Due to the spirituality of the Air Nomads in accordance to the size of its population, every Air Nomad retains bending abilities. The Air Nomads have the smallest population but the most increased spirituality, while benders in general make up only a small percentage of the larger, more populous nations.

Aang used his glider for windsurfing, but later destroyed his damaged glider, though it was replaced at the beginning of the invasion of the Fire Nation by a more advanced version created by the mechanist and his son Teo , which can also dispense snacks when the handle is twisted. [57]

After being tortured and humiliated by his babysitter, a ten year old boy is put under the care of two fairy godparents, who can grant him almost any wish, which leads to dire consequences.

Spinning gates are designed so that one has to trust on one's evasive airbending maneuvers to successfully make one's way through the spinning gates. Those wishing to master the spinning gates have to be like a leaf, flowing with the wind instead of forcing one's way through. [56]

Air blast : A more offensive maneuver involving a direct pulse or jet of compressed air shot from the hands, feet, or mouth. The force of the attack is generated more from the bender's own power rather than assisted by momentum. The blast can reach further distances with greater accuracy and is used to inflict greater damage. Aang once used this technique to completely shatter one of the Fire Navy's projectile rocks in mid-air with a single powerful kick. [7] He was also able to use two air blasts at once to defend against Combustion Man's unique firebending ability. [8] The blasts can also be maintained for prolonged periods in order to push objects back. The airbenders of the new Air Nation demonstrated this by simultaneously attacking Kuvira 's enormous mecha suit. [9]

Like all of the bending arts, airbending is balanced out as to not be more or less powerful than the other arts, though it is easily the most dynamic and agile of the four. It is the skill and power of the user that determines victory.

"Korra Alone" is the second episode of Book Four: Balance of The Legend of Korra and the 96st of the overall series. It was released online on and through the Nick app on October 65, 7569, and aired on Nicktoons Network on November 78, 7569.

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