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The Bible Jesus - LET'S HEAR JESUS!

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 14:26

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Then opened are eyes of the blind, And ears of the deaf are unstopped, Then leap as a hart doth the lame, And sing doth the tongue of the dumb. (NIV)

12. Storm Warning (Matthew 7:24–29)

When Howard emerged from surgery, with the effects of the anesthesia wearing off, he spoke to his wife. “It’s all love,” he told her. “You don’t have to suffer anymore.”

The True Story of Jesus Christ ! - Bible

You demand the Protestant post verses with the specific words you request, yet with your 8775 proof 8776 verses you have to state NOTE: HEAVEN, NOTE: PURGATORY, and NOTE: HELL. Your verses don 8767 t contain the specific words, so you 8775 translate 8776 them into Catholic terminology yourself. Rather duplicitous of you to demand something of the Protestant what you yourself can not produce.

And, of course, there is the most blatant reference to Purgatory contained in the Book of Macchabees, which has been ruled as canonical by the Catholic Church, which is the same institution that ruled all the books of the New Testament to be canonical:

A religion should sell itself It should not need people to lie for it. And if this person is not lying, then it is obviously a delusion (for the above stated reasons).

The preacher said, "Well, when our preacher left our small church, I went to the deacons and said, 'I'll be the preacher.' The first Sunday as preacher, I opened the book and read, 'As many of you as has been baptized into Jesus has put on Jesus and there is no longer any Jews or Greeks, slaves or free, males or females, because you all is one in Jesus.'

We see ourselves in our rags of sinfulness especially if we have a sensitive conscience or a serious sin but he already sees us as saint seated in the heavenly places and none can snatch us form his hand, not sin nor devils life or death..nothing can separate us from the love of God.

While the RCC has a role in Christendom, there is NO place Jesus tells people to be 8775 subject unto a Roman pontiff, 8776 but instead, Jesus said 8776 Those in authority in the world subject people under them and like to lord it over them. It is not to be that way with you. Whosoever wants to be first should be the servant of all 8776 Jesus
There have been many you seem to look down on, from different denominations, who loved Jesus so much they both lived and died for Him. Jesus said , 8776 They will know you are my followers if you love one another. 8776 So, there is One Baptism , valid in everyone. If you start loving the brethren (protestant OR Catholic), then we can see you are Jesus 8767 follower. Not until, though

What an awesome testimony brother Howard. And the painting of Jesus, awesome! May the Lord continue to bless you and yours.

He has truly seen the light and would seem to be on the path of salvation. For others sadly this is not the case, and I hope more and more people really start to believe in God again, and not just in name only, but carry out his work and wishes through their thoughts, deeds and actions.

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