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When I speak to my 9-year-old twin boys, I have honest conversations with them about why we don’t want them having tablets or playing video games. I explain to them that some kids like playing with their devices so much, they have a hard time stopping or controlling how much they play. I’ve helped them to understand that if they get caught up with screens and Minecraft like some of their friends have, other parts of their lives may suffer: They may not want to play baseball as much not read books as often be less interested in science and nature projects become more disconnected from their real-world friends. Amazingly, they don’t need much convincing as they’ve seen first-hand the changes that some of their little friends have undergone as a result of their excessive screen time.

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I place the pair's dishes down, move away and, observing from a distance, watch them stare at their Mac n Cheese. Maria takes out her phone for a photo, looks at the meal through her camera, pauses, then puts her phone away without taking a picture.

IMade My Shed the Top Rated Restaurant On TripAdvisor - Vice

In my clinical work with over 6,555 teens over the past 65 years, I have found the old axiom of “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” to be especially true when it comes to tech addiction. Once a kid has crossed the line into true tech addiction, treatment can be very difficult. Indeed, I have found it easier to treat heroin and crystal meth addicts than lost-in-the-matrix video gamers or Facebook-dependent social media addicts.

The scooters can travel 79 miles on a charge, using a 98-volt, 855-watt front hub direct drive motor. When not in use, the battery will hold its charge for weeks. The compact size allows the vehicle to go through doorways and avoid blocking the drive aisles.

All the following Hotels are close to the Quayside and within walking distance to the departure point for the boat and Tiger Hornsby for the after party - so make a weekend of it!

I feel a tap on my shoulder it’s one of them, a man, who informs me it’s his friend's birthday. An opportunity to impress arises.

Just tell us in your own words why having a GoPET scooter will help you and your organization. You don&rsquo t have to be a professional writer and your submittal doesn&rsquo t need to be lengthy.

After seating them and disappearing to grab drinks, I hear a scream from the kitchen. Outside, a lady runs across the restaurant, squealing. Trevor – oh, good time to introduce Trevor, the man I hired the chickens from – is following her, clutching a chicken flapping its wings.

MyGoPET is a leading distributor of Personal Electric Transportation scooters for applications and is dedicated to bringing a reliable, safe, productive and cost-effective transportation solution to the marketplace.

People like the rural yet classy vibe? Well, see that Wendy house? It's going to be filled with chickens, like lobsters at an expensive restaurant, so people can pick their chick.

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